What Change Cloud Brings To The Ecommerce Market?

Cloud Computing – A Foresight

Cloud computing is being hailed unanimously by technology pundits and specialists to literally bring about a revolution and kick start the third phase of internet. It is estimated that in less than a decade every internet based business would be dependent on cloud solutions for their existence.

Keeping this foretelling in mind it becomes obvious how Ecommerce market is greatly benefiting by assimilating cloud hosting traits into its paradigm.

An Ecommerce Solution

A well balanced Ecommerce solution is where owners are cognizant of significance of selecting right host and environment for their endeavors. Those who have already adopted Ecommerce Cloud solutions have witnessed crucial and irrefutable boons like cost savings, enhanced scalability, easier management and increased security. Traditional Ecommerce web hosting may mimic some of these features but is found lagging when it comes to some very rudimentary requirements such as maintaining 100% uptime and being viable cost wise.

The Cloud Brings Significant Changes To The Ecommerce Market
Cost Saving

One of the prime advantages of owing an Ecommerce cloud is cost effectiveness. An Ecommerce solution is relatively cheap to develop and deploy but the requisite hardware and bandwidth obligatory to sustain it are expensive. Furthermore, traditional Ecommerce web hosting requires a dedicated server managed by specialized staff which incurs more cost. An Ecommerce cloud is hosted on virtualized server owned by a specialist company which curtails the need for these costly condiments as all of these are provided for by the said host. In a traditional setting an Ecommerce deployment would require purchasing enterprise license which usually includes features that won’t ever be used. Instead of this approach Ecommerce Cloud solutions utilize the SaaS model (software as service) where the owner gets to pick only those specific components that are vital and immediately needed. If more functionality is desired in the future it can be easily purchased and as seamlessly be integrated.
Enhanced Scalability

Scalability is synonymous with flexibility and the ability to adapt. The most distinguishing feature of Ecommerce cloud solutions is their knack to acclimatize to abrupt spike in demand for additional resources. Traditional Ecommerce web hosting is rigid and has no “wiggle room” to adjust to these demands and hence Ecommerce endeavors suffer and may lose substantial revenues. Having an Ecommerce cloud ensures that these abruptions are amply and promptly addressed, the need for additional resources is never a problem and it is just as easy to return to previous configurations once the scenario is over. No long term contract ensures that subscribers to Ecommerce cloud only pay for what they use.
Increased security

An Ecommerce cloud is more secure when it comes to physical and online security.

Cloudways provides completely managed cloud solutions with Complete Application and infrastructure level management to save your time and efforts from system administration.

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